Photography was part of my life for a very long time, probably 30 years or more. Mountains. Climbing. Outdoors. Architecture.

In 2014 I started to take pictures of people, first of all of young women. Suddenly I opened myself to the world and made a lot of new friends. That changed my life. Photography started to be important for me.

Now I decided to share that experience with you.

Enjoy my galleries.


At the beginning of my photography it was not easy. At these times I often took part in photo events. This way I was able to collect some nice shots and build a Photography Potrfolio. When I had something to show it was much easier to arrange a private session with a model.

But these events and studio metings gave me more than that. They created a great opportunity to meet both new models and photographers. They were often much more experienced than me an it was a chance to learn from them. I found a lot of inspiration and techniques during those meetings.

Than I started having more private sessions. They are pushing you to quickly make progress. You must arrange everything for the session. If you forget about something it shows in the final shots. 

At the beginning I had not many private sessions, I mostly met with models that I already knew, but from time to time I managed to work with someone new. It wasn’t always perfect, once or twice it happened, that the model did not arrive on the meeting. It wasn’t nice experience, but I realized that this is how it works here. Especially when you are at the start and often work with inexperienced people. Photography is similar to business – only some deals that you start reach the end.

I was working hard trying to improve all aspects of my work – model selection, preparing for a session, perfect contact with model during the session, good cooperation (helping model with posing ideas, correcting errors immediately, having breaks, providing comfort).

At the same time I was learning post production. First I was thinking about a regular Photoshop training, but after some negative feedback from my friends I decided to do a self education based on YouTube content, which is pretty rich. Today I can say, that it was a good idea.

Now some words about hardware. My strategy is: improve only that, what currently blocks your development. If your current 50 mm lens is not sharp enough on edges and it makes my photos look bad, then it’s time for upgrade it to something better. If you start having opportunities to work on sessions with poor light conditions outside the studio, then you should buy some solid lighting system that will make it possible. This is 100% rational. I follow this rule all the time. 


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