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2016 – I’m two years already doing my woman photography works.

Sylwia, 2016-12-11, studioIMG 2016 12 11 7348

This the second meeting with Sylwia, this time in Orla Studio.

It wasn’t easy to meet, because Sylwia is extremely active i unpredictable, but we managed it. We had fur, flowers an Sylwia. All went well.






Kornelia, 2016-12-09, studioIMG 2016 12 09 7243

Again Orla Studio.

This time I’m shooting Kornelia with her friend. We are shooting both singles and as a couple.







Wiki, 2016-11-19, studioImg 2016 11 19 7010 Bw

We meet for the first time after a long break.

Wiki … well, pictures tell more than words. I like this model very much and I hope, that she will recover soon.











Marina, 2016-11-15, studioImg 2016 11 15 6903 Bw

This is a twin session with Kornelia in Orla Studio. For Marina this is a new experience, but she performs great before my lens. I hope to meet her again some day.








Kornelia, 2016-11-15, studioIMG 2016 11 15 6978 BW

We meet again in Orla Studio. This time Kornelia brings a friend with her, so I have two models to shoot. But first Kornelia.








Sylwia, 2016-11-08, studioImg 2016 11 08 6604 Bw

The first session with the intriguing Sylvia.

We have already had several attempts to meet, but it always happened that while Sylwia was in Warsaw I was leaving somewhere. Well, but finally we managed to meet. We were shooting in the Studio Chmury. Very good location in the center of Warsaw, near the undergroung station, good equipment, lots of space.

Sylwia is a very experienced model, so everything went very smoothly. We made good shots right at the first meeting. But I think that Sylwia fits better to outdoor, natural light and surroundings. So I’m looking forward to spring and summer.

I hope that then we will take completely different pictures.





Kornelia, 2016_11_05, studioImg 2016 11 05 6589 Bw

It was quite informal meeting.

There were some memories and talking about plans for the future. Then Cornelia said she wants to pose. So we started preparations for the session. She corrected her makeup, while I checked the photo equipment.

Then we tried some shooting, and this is what came out.





Img 2016 11 02 6411 Bw

Patrycja, 2016_11_02, studio

This is my first session with Patrycja.

We meet … in a theater, it’s probably a good start, after all, during a session you have to play, you need to show feelings, have this special look. Patrycja can do it. We have a good cooperation. At the end of the session we do not need to say anything,  gestures and glances are enough.





Minerwa, 2016_10_23, studioImg 2016 10 23 6220

Another spontaneous studio session.

I think I’m coming back to the photo business.

Friendly models, are a great treasure, because they can create a session out of nothing. Especially when the photographer just needs it most of all.





IMG 2016 10 12 6102

Kornelia, 2016-10-12, studio

Spontaneous studio session.

First shooting after a long break. It is not easy concentrate on the shooting, to see all the details, that must be seen. I have to learn it again. I’m sure I will. Thank you Kornelia. You are very helpful. You are irreplaceable.

What would I do without you?




Marysia, 2016-09-03, Warszawa, Łazienki parkImg 2016 09 03 5975

Short Session in Łazienki park.

Still warm, still summer, but there are already some colors od the fall. Mary did a great job, relaxed, smiling. Wer visted perhaps all the interesting places in this great park. There was even a man  dressed in a historical costume. Summarizing – it was beautiful.






Caroline, 2016-08-26, MunichImg 2016 08 26 5752 Bw

During a week’s holiday with our friends in Munich one day after the mountain trip we did a spontaneous shooting with their daughter, Caroline.

At the beginning a little stressed, then Caroline relaxed and performed like an experienced model. As usual the best pistures are created at the end of the session.

So it was this time. On a bench in the garden, just after sunset, Caroline relaxed, beautiful light of the golden hour. Perfect conditions for the subtle portraits.

Thank you Caroline for this wondreful time and for the pictures.



Img 2016 08 14 5401 Bw

KaBoom, 2016-08-14, Mazury

The three day trip to Mazury, we camped near a beautiful lake.

Crystal clear water. Lots of wild coastline. Intimate bays with trees that have either already fallen into the water, or are hanging over and probably will soon fall. An ideal place for a session with a beautiful model.

The only inconvenience we experienced, was a little chilly weather. It was possible to dive into the water, but not for long. I was also feeling that, because most of the time I was standing in the water, often submerged deeper than the model, even to the neck.

This lake has a very steep bottom, two steps ahead and you have to swim.

Kaboom posed with great commitment and devotion. 

Img 2016 08 12 5175 Bw

KaBoom, 2016-08-12, studio

Before going to Mazury we did a test milk bath photoshoot. It turned out pretty cool I think. Now I know that the next milky session will be with flowers.






IMG 2016 08 07 4974 1

Ola B, 2016-08-07, Warszawa (gardens of the university library), evening session

One more session today, the evening in the University Library Gardens.

I came a little earlier to explore the area, as a result after 30 minutes I knew which places were worth stopping. Flower tunnels created a magical aura due to the light coming through them.

I met with Ola an hour before sunset. The time of the best light. We din’t waste a minute.








IMG 2016 08 07 4739

Tonbo, 2016-08-07, Zofiówka, morning session

We meet for the first time.

It was watchingTonbo work for a long time and I wanted to meet her on a shoot. And so it’s Sunday, 7 am (!), we’re driving to Otwock and we will work in the ruins of a hospital in Zofiówka. It’s great. Then it was just getting better and better. Tonbo is very experienced model, we understood each other without words. It was not easy to get up so early, especially on Sunday, but it paid off – we were alone, no one disturbed us. In conclusion – very beautiful, but also quite busy Sunday morning.

I hope that I’ll  have the opportunity to work with this fascinating and beautiful model some day again.

And to be clear, Tonbo a terrible talker. She is an ideal passenger on a long journey.

Hope to meet you again my Lady.

IMG 2016 08 04 4613

Minerwa, 2016-08-04, Warszawa, on the Vistula

This time we went to the Vistula river.

It turns out that the banks of the Vistula hide incredible places. I was not aware that there is a beautiful lake with crystal water there. On the pictures it came out black because of the specific lighting. I’m sure I will visit this place again, it’s worth it. Thank you Minerwa for showing me this place, and for a great posing.





Kornelia, 2016-08-01, studioIMG 2016 08 01 4328

Kornelia was in Warsaw, therefore we had an opportunity to meet for a shoot.

We used daylight, soft plush sofa and armchairs.






Blanka, 2016-07-26, WarszawaIMG 2016 07 26 4178 BW

We decided to try the street-nudes.

I came for Blaka as it was still dark. We reached the location a little before sunrise. At the beginning we went through the area of the session, because we wanted to see where the city monitoring is installed.

After that we waited for the sunrise and started to soot. There were some cyclists, some cars, but I can say that we where rather not disturbed.



Gosia, Joanna, Aneta, 2016-07-16, MazuryIMG 2016 07 16 3739

Since the sisters met, they should have  some family pictures.








IMG 2016 07 16 3685

Aneta, 2016-07-16, Mazury

That was Aneta, who set up our meeting and this session. Thank you for the great weekend and this lovely photo experience.












Joanna, 2016-07-16, MazuryIMG 2016 07 17 4010

This is the middle sister, she was very much engaged in posing.












IMG 2016 07 16 3689

Gosia, 2016-07-16, Mazury

Next sister, Gosia. She posed very willingly. I was fascinated with her eyes most of all.












Julka, 2016-07-16, MazuryIMG 2016 07 17 3952 BW

Again Mazury, but well, this is summer.

I started the day from my duties – business pictures of the location. That’s why we came here. In the afternoon I’ve got a bonus – four beautiful sisters were standing in front of my lens. They were similar, like most sisters, but photographically completely different . Probably due to differences in their personalities.

We start with the youngest, Julka. This was probably her first session, but she posed like a pro. It would be great to meet her again on a session in a few years and see how she has changed.







Malwina, 2016-07-13, studio

This time we had a very brief boudoir session . We worked in the afternoon, so despite the nice weather and full summer, the artificial light support was necessary.


IMG 2016 07 10 3115 BW

Precja, 2016-07-10, bridge over the Royal Canal, Zofiówka (hospital ruins)

Precja came to Warsaw for a few days and fortunately found some time for me, in fact almost the whole day.

We started from the already proven bridge over the Royal Canal. The sun, that was shining quite strongly that day, disturbed us a little, but Precja was most of all hiding in the shadow of the massive riveted steel pillars supporting structure of this old bridge. Then we went to Zofiówka.

I have another busy day behind me. As usual, final results are the best reward for the hard work.







IMG 2016 07 09 2758

Minerwa, 2016-07-09, Zofiówka (hospital ruins)

After the success of the first session, we decided to meet again.

This time we worked during the weekend, so we had much more time. We visited the charming ruins in Zofiówka and the ruins of a stone house in a nearby forest. At the end of the day, for a relaxation, we had a session in a milk filled bathtub.

Thank you Minerwa for all the trust and effort, pictures show that it was worth doing. Therefore I already think about meeting with you again.







IMG 2016 07 03 2472

Mirka, Kornelia, Olivia, Klaudia, 2016-07-02, Lawendowy Winiec

I managed to collect all the ladies together in one bed.

Such concentration of beauty and femininity is always  impressive, so as the summer outside. Live is beautiful these days. It is a pity that the day is so short, I want it to last forever. 






IMG 2016 07 03 2503

Kornelia, 2016-07-02, Lawendowy Winiec

Kornelia showed today in many stylings. It is hard to count them. Each time she looked different, yet the boudoir session was the best. This is Kornelia.








Mirka, 2016-07-02, Lawendowy WiniecIMG 2016 07 02 2091

Mrs. lavender. Lady of the Lake. Lady of Winiec.








Klaudia, 2016-07-02, Lawendowy WiniecIMG 2016 07 03 2644 BW

Very young person with a great need to pose.

I must admit that she’s doing well. I hope that we will meet again and that we will do even better shots.











IMG 2016 07 03 2559

Olivia, 2016-07-02, Lawendowy Winiec

It was a very intense weekend filled with photography.

Beautiful place in Mazury. Four ladies were posing. We were shooting in the meadow, among the lavender, in the water with sunlight and during rainstorm. At the end, when it was already dark, we were working in a beautiful bedroom with artificial light. Kornelia was the manager of the entire project and, of course, she was the leading model. I think I started calling her my muse from that particular day.

Here Olivia.

It’s right after the rain, beautiful light just after sunset, golden hour. Olivia dressed very colorfully.






Ewa, 2016-06-29, Warszawa (Old Town)IMG 2016 06 29 1686 BW

Eva really wanted to have a business session.

We met in the Old Town. We visited typical places where I usually take photos, plus a few additional shots in a street tavern with a cup of coffee. Very interesting session with a completely new model.






IMG 2016 06 23 1659

Agnieszka, 2016-06-23, clay pits, Zielonka

A reconnaissance session.

Place was proposed by Agnieszka, very interesting and close to Warsaw. I feel that this place has great potential, I’m sure I will have come back here. Especially interesting was posing on the pier. Entrance to that was already a challenge. Then I wondered if the pier will not collapse into the water under our weight, looked very gentle and crispy.

But nothing like that happened.







IMG 2016 06 19 1405

Kornelia, 2016-06-19, Rynia

This time we had a plan to do a session in the water in the Ophelia style, but in the location I have chosen for that it was impossible. So we did a regular water session. I also entered the water, sometimes even deeper than the model to have the sun from the right side. We were both very pleased with the results, Kornelia is definitely a water creature.

The drained a lot of heat from us, mainly from me. But such pictures are worth freezing.




IMG 2016 06 16 1010

Minerwa, 2016-06-16, bridge over the Royal Canal

The first meeting with Minerva.

And actually the first, that took place. We had an appointment a week earlier, but at my request have postponed it for today. I have to admit, it was worth waiting. Now are the longest days of the year so you can safely shoot “after work”.

That’s what we did. We went to the abandoned railway bridge on the Canal Royal and we arrived just at sunset. It happens sometimes. Beautiful light of the golden hour, model perfectly prepared for the session, interesting and unusual surroundings. Everyone would want to be in such a place, time and surroundings with ready-to-action camera. I just had the honor. And Minerva also pleased, I hope.






IMG 2016 06 12 0783 BW

Priscilla, 2016-06-12, beach on the Vistula

Priscilla was visiting Warsaw for a few days and we managed to meet.

Another session on the beach. Very hot. A lot of sun and light. In the course of travel to the place we are talking, and here comes the first surprise, it turns out that Priscilla comes from the Czech Republic. I didn’t hear it in her perfect Polish pronunciation. We start shooting, first white dress, then … other styling, probably best with a green scarf beautifully contracting in the wind.

We are talking all the time. And another surprise – my interlocutor has a high technical knowledge about photography. It turns out that it is also working on the other side of the lens and she poses to learn about posing, and then to shoot better. It’s really fascinating. Such session remains in the memory for a long time.

IMG 2016 06 05 0531 BW

Kornelia, 2016-06-05, beach on the Vistula

The weather is great, so we have to shoot. This time we went on an empty beach on the Vistula. Kornelia loves beaches, if there is water, sand, and she can be in a swimsuit, she feels and acts natural.







IMG 2016 05 28 0325

Marysia, 2016-05-28, Mazury

It was a short trip to Mazury and an early session on the pier at sunrise.












IMG 2016 05 12 0081 BW

Magda, 2016-05-12, Warszawa (apartment)

We met at the studio entrance and we had an immediate surprise – nobody opens the door for us. And no one answers the phone. Well, I will not visit this studio anymore.

Fortunately, Magda had the rented apartment and we went there for shooting.





Marysia, 2016-05-09, TuscanyImg 2016 05 10 9999 154 26430596663 O

Our short stay in Tuscany became an opportunity for a photo session. We visited Piza, Lucca and Firenze. We stayed in Montemagno, where this delicate morning garden pictures were created.







IMG 2016 04 29 9999 10

Kasia, 2016-04-29, studio

It was not easy to arrange this session, Kasia specially came to Warsaw for the shoot and had to overcome some obstacles.

Apparently, she was close to cancell the meeting, but finally we managed to meet. And it was worth it. Kasia was perfectly prepared for the session, she had several complete and elaborate stylings. And her daring posing. I would love to shoot her once again some day.




IMG 2016 04 16 9786

Kornelia, 2016-04-14, Warszawa (Old Town)

This is my second meeting with Kornelia. This time it was a little warmer, so we decided to shoot outside, and we chose the Old Town and the nearby Citadel. Kornelia again radiated a mysterious energy hence the shots in these common and crowded places look very interesting. In many cases it is even difficult to guess that this is the Old Town, maybe because of Kornelia charm.






IMG 2016 04 06 9652 BW

Kinga, 2016-04-04, studio

We meet from time to time with Kinga to renew her portfolio, because she needs that for her activities. This time the session styling was business, sports and … I think rock. For me the last was the best.






Malwina, 2016-03-20, Warszawa

It was a short session in Warsaw and as a result we’ve got interesting portrait.


IMG 2016 02 27 9044 BW

Sara, 2016-02-27, Rzepiszew, plener

I was sooting Sara before, during the the previous photo meeting with Janek. During this shoot we had more time. The room was quite dark, so we worked on the window. The light coming through the window lighted Sara in a beatiful way.











Lila, 2016-02-27, Rzepiszew, plener

We’ve met with Lila before, so I know what she can do. Today she’s also shining with her beauty, in addition to great nudes we shoot also some nice portraits.













Bronx, 2016-02-27, Rzepiszew, plener

We worked at the end of the day, so it was very dark. I would not be able to shoot without a tripod, but I had one at hand. Good for me, because as a result I’ve got this subtle lighting.













Agata, 2016-02-27, Rzepiszew, plener

Another photo meeting with Janek, I came only for one day.

There were four beautiful models, I was shooting Agata for the first time. Nice rooms, although the weather was not very pleasant – it was very dark.

Photography in old manion can be very inspiring.






KaBoom, 2016-02-19, studio

We started the shoot with a beatiful dress made especially for Kaboom. Furthermore we shoot other styling, more open and less formal.








Wirginia, 2016-02-16, studio

A test session, Virginia posed mostly alone, but finally we also made a few shots with her friend.













Kornelia, 2016-02-12, studio

It was my first photography session with Kornelia.

I did not expect such amount of positive energy, maybe it will be a start of some longer cooperation? We had perfect communication during the session, results are the best proof of that.










Joanna, 2016-01-21, studiophotography

The first session after a nearly two-month break.

We already had several sessions with Joanna, so we know each other. Everything went smoothly, as usual. I have brought a fur and it turned out to be an interesting gadget.

Joanna looked great in it and it reminded us about the winter and why we are shooting in studio.

Photography with her is a pleasure.